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I attended both the Sparkle and Shine and the Glimmer and Glitz events. They were retreats in the true sense of the word. We were spoiled with wonderful food, comfortable accommodations and the welcoming setting provided by Tiffany and Kris. Already signed up and looking forward to the May 2017 retreat.
Susan S. (November Glimmer and Glitz 2016)                                 Star Rating:  * * * * *

November was my first event with Tiff and Kris...and holly flipping pancakes those two are wild and crazy broads! So much fun, so much creativity, so many wonderful ladies.....value for the price is fantastic. Great choice of venue ladies, the Kempenfelt does a really good job. Thanks for keeping my secret and allowing my yellow collar bag to live in the fridge...hugs xoxoxox

Michele M. (November Glimmer and Glitz 2016)                              Star Rating:  * * * * *

I've been to both of the weekend scrapbooking retreats offered by Tiffany and Kris. The ladies are professional, knowledgeable, humorous and willing to accommodate all (reasonable) requests. Kempenfelt Conference Centre is the ideal location to hold a get-away. My room was large and clean and all that I needed. As for the food - TRES magnifique !!! Both times I've attended, I've taken my bathing suit with the intention of using the pool, sauna and hot tub. However, I've had so much fun with the other guests and scrapping, that I haven't used my bathing suit yet. I've already signed up and paid my 1st installment for the May 2017 retreat. Thanks again for the BEST retreat ever !!!
Pat B. (November Glimmer and Glitz 2016)                                      Star Rating:  * * * * *
I have had great times at the retreats and enjoyed them all. Really love the six foot tables. The willingness of people to help, be friendly, and downright loveable. Like the atmosphere, food and ability to buy things too.
Beatrice H. (November Glimmer and Glitz 2016)                               Star Rating: * * * *
In May of 2016 I attended the Barrie crop and chat retreat with my dearest friend. We had one of the best weekend in a long time. The classes available were very resourceful but the best part of it was the positive energy and the meeting of new people.
A big Thank You to both of you special ladies.
Jeanne L. (November Glimmer and Glitz 2016)

Attended the crop at Class Act on October 29. It was fabulous. We were well looked after the whole day. Had a great time & will sign up for more!

Brenda H  (November Glimmer and Glitz 2016)                                 Star Rating:  * * * * * 

I have been to two different retreats held by Tiffany and Kris. Both have been absolutely wonderful. Tiffany and Kris think of everything and put in an amazing event. I have met many new people and have enjoyed a beautiful venue, amazing food and a good amount of time to scrapbook. I would recommend any of their events!!!!
Alexis C.S. (November Glimmer and Glitz 2016)                                 Star Rating:  * * * * *

My daughter and I attended the Glimer and Glitz event in Nov. It was amazing. Rooms were clean, food was great. Kris and Tiffany were awesome going around making sure that everyone was taken care off. Kassandra and I will be attending other event in the fall with this company. We found a home.

Shawna K. (November Glimmer and Glitz 2016)                                  Star Rating: * * * * *

I attended Sparkle and Shine in May & November & hope to make the Spring crop. I love their crops as it is so relaxing! The food is amazing & the rooms comfortable. I love having a table to myself, I love that there is no pressure of having to get things done. I have met amazing Ladies and have learned from them! Having a Vendors on site is amazing because sometimes we run out of stuff or want the new stuff. Tiffany & Kris are amazing! They are always there if you need anything! They are always making sure that we are comfortable & not in need of anything! Thank you Tiffany & Chris for hosting an amazing event! It would be nice to have an extra day if possible.
Carmen M. (November Glimmer and Glitz 2016)                                 Star Rating: * * * *  
Tiff & Kris, I attended the 2016 Nov retreat as a birthday present to myself. I got to reconnect with a friend who I hadn't cropped with in about 5 years. Our room was lovely. The dining experience was 2nd to none. The choices at every meal were more than adequate. The service was exemplary. The scrapbook room was a great size: had lots of lighting, was locked when we weren't scrapping and there was an extra room for classes. The surrounding area was rural and wonderful for taking walks to clear your head for the next layout. We even saw a fox run across the patio during breakfast. Breathtaking. I have already booked my return in May. Looking forward to it.
Jodi B. (November Glimmer and Glitz 2016)                                       Star Rating: * * * *
I recently met Tiffany and Kristen, what wonderful organizers!! We had so much fun at Glimmer and Glitz in November. I met some really wonderful ladies and made some new friendships that I will cherish… got lots of scrappin done too!!
Teena F. (November Glimmer and Glitz 2016)                                    Star Rating:  * * * * *
I had a wonderful time at the Glimmer & Glitz Retreat in Nov 2016! I felt completely pampered and taken care of from the moment I arrived until I (reluctantly) had to leave. The venue was amazing, with terrific staff and delicious food. The accommodation rooms were clean, quiet and restful. Overall a great event that was well worth the price. Can't wait until I can join CCR for another event!
Emma I. (November Glimmer and Glitz 2016)                                    Star Rating:  * * * * *

I attended the Sparkle and Shine event in May 2016. I have to honestly say that this was the best retreat I have ever attended. It was well organized, very clean surroundings at a classy venue. The food was freshly made and delicious served at tables with white tablecloths. The rooms were luxurious and very clean and updated. Peaceful surroundings. Massage therapy was available through Crop and Chat Retreats which was the icing on the cake at the end of a fabulous day of scrapping. This is run by two professional ladies who go out of their way to meet the needs of their clients. Superb job!!!!

Brenda S. (May Sparkle and Shine 2016)

I had the best time at the sparkle and shine inaugural retreat!! Our hostesses Tiffany Bond and Kristen Goberis were the best. They met my every need from multiple extension cords to heat control!! I loved how after every meal there was always a little treat r a game waiting for us. Next time I' ll be prepared like I'm going to let's make a deal!! The food was outstanding the rooms were ok but we didn't see a lot of the room. And for someone who is usually in bed by 8 and asleep by 9 staying up both nights till 1 am says a lot. I was relaxed, having so much fun I forgot I was tired. ( I am paying dearly for it now and prob the rest of the week but it's so worth it). I had a feeling that I was going to love it and I have to have surgery in the fall and the dates were close to the next retreat so I made sure it was booked after it!! I only have two recommendations one I would love for it to start on Thursday, it wasn't long enough and the other was about the workshop. I would suggest a few smaller workshops in different areas. Like a card one and a. Layout or a die cut card or layout but variety so ppl can choose. Not everyone likes to do both. I like to take things from things but shorter also means I can get back to my stuff. Met a great bunch of ladies and look forward to seeing them in November. And finally this weekend was very special because it allowed Sandy and I some much needed time together which was long overdue. Thanks again Tiffany and Kris can't wait till Nov!

Lauren S.  (May Sparkle and Shine 2016)


I attended the Sparkle and Shine event in May and had a wonderful time. I didn't have a roommate when I registered, but I used Crop and Chat's private roommate connection Facebook page and was able to connect with a great roommate to share the room with. The room was comfortable, the food was plentiful and delicious and the grounds and lakefront were beautiful. Looking forward to going again this fall.

Susan S.  (May Sparkle and Shine 2016)